Wren was raised in the forests of Varno. Her parents are nobles yet they have always had a strained relationship. They have always kept Wren at a distance and in many ways she has always felt different. With pale skin and mismatched eyes, Wren didn’t have a lot of friends despite her friendly demeanor. But what Wren lacked in friends, she made up for in skills. Most of her days were spent in the woods learning to hunt and perfecting her fighting abilties.

As Wren reached puberty, she started to change. The nails on her hands began to extend and she felt things changing inside of her. She felt powerful but she was having terrifying nightmares. Right around this time, Wren also began to notice that she incredibly attracted to women. Namely, Nora (from another noble family) had been one of her only friends and Wren had fallen deeply in love with her. Even though Nora shared Wren’s feelings, the two were banned from seeing one another when they were found out in the woods one night. This only increased Wren’s family’s attempts to marry her off to another noble which she heavily resisted. Her parents began to distance themselves even more. Yearning to escape her home and find a way to be with Nora, Wren left in search of adventure (and to find out what was happening to her.)

As she made her way to the outskirts of Varno, she was caught off guard by a terrible yelling. Someone was in trouble. The wolves in these forests were vicious and stole many lives throughout the year. Wren ran in the direction of the yelling and found a man pleading for his life – a wolf hungrily growling and gnawing at his leg. Wren growled and readied her clawed hand. The wolf lunged and Wren subdued it with a slash to the groin. The wolf fell to the ground critically injured. The man raised himself up and thanked Wren for saving his life and that he would never forget what she had done for him.


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