Marora Tumblebelly Of the Swords (aka Oolahana Cupshigh)

Halfling tumbler/sword swallower in a carnival sideshow


Halfling tumbler sword swallower

Marora Tumblebelly the Sword-Swallowing Tumbling Halfling!

Halfling ninja

Marora the Ninja bad-ass!


Marora Tumblebelly Of the Swords was born Oolahana Cupshigh in Cheliax to mother Quigwen and father Thoben. Her parents were enslaved to a common born Chelaxian house and vowed that their children would not suffer the same fate. They escaped and foraged through the Mindspin Mountains, she, her parents, and her 7 siblings. They struggled to make ends meet. Marora’s father was an unlucky halfling and they met many who shunned them out of superstition through their journey until they met with a traveling carnival, the purveyor of which (Roscoe the Dandy) took pity on them and gave them board in a gypsy cart full of luggage on the condition that they perform as a side-show; a ten-member family tumbling troupe. Roscoe then demanded they be renamed with the surname Tumblebelly and gave them new first names that he deemed were more bill-worthy. He renamed Oola: Marora. He also later encouraged her after her first tattoo, to fill her skin with them and he featured her in her own sideshow as the Tattoo’d Halfling.

As she grew up she excelled at the tumbling arts best of all her siblings. She was easy to laugh, worshiped Desna and always looked for the good luck in her life in spite of her status in what could be considered a “freak show”. She also had a grave-serious awe for the elf sword swallower Leovin. They were fast friends and he looked after her like a little sister. Marora begged him daily to teach her how to swallow the swords and he resisted… until she wore him down with her pestering. He had noted her tumbling talent and decided that he would groom her to respect the swords, and instruct her in the ways of sword-handling. She was made to learn this art before he would consent to teaching her the trick of sword swallowing. Marora was an extremely dedicated pupil, and under Leovin’s tutelage they grew closer… til they were so close that he confessed to her his ultimate secret: that he was a deadly ninja assassin, and that if she wished he would teach Marora the ways… but that it must be done IN SECRET! Marora agreed. She studied with him as they toured all around the countryside until the day he died. The same gruesome circumstances that took Leovin’s life, also claimed the lives of her entire family.

One night while traveling through Ustolov on their way to the hamlets in Canterwall (whose people most appreciate the voyeuristic diversion from their daily toil in the fields) the carnival had stopped in a small town in the Hungry Mountains near Casnoriva. It happened at a tavern. At once the hall was attacked by foul decomposing corpses. Marora had been in the woods practicing her sweet ninja moves and had come back to town to see the tavern ablaze! It was roaring with tall spires of fires that licked the stars in the night sky. She heard the voice of her mentor and friend Leovin screaming “not the halflings… NOOOOOOOOOO” and she ran inside-her heart beating in her ears with fear for him and for her family. Just as she entered the flames a beam crashed from the ceiling in front of her, cutting her off from Leovin and her family who were in the clutches of the melting zombies. Leovin saw her through the fire and shouted “GO! It’s TOOOOOO LATE FOR USSSSSSS! YOU MUSSSST GOOOOOOO!” And as she could plainly see he was not lying she quickly turned to escape, only to find a old man chuffing heavily beside her… he was unable to get out of the building by himself he was so taken with the smoke.

Though he was more than twice Marora’s size she was able to get him out of the tavern and save him from his burneous death by folding his legs into his chest and rolling him over and out the door in a similar way that she and her siblings once rolled together on stage. That man was Professor Lorrimor.

A single tear dropped from her eye… and from that day forward… she abandoned her careless goddess Desna for a god more purposeful… she worshiped at the altar of Pharasma and vowed to wipe every last undead being she encountered from face of the Golarian! She kept on with the traveling carnival and replaced her dear friend and mentor Leovin as the sword swallower. She no longer tumbles for show as Roscoe says “A one-halfling-tumbling-act is one hell of a lame-ass site to see…”. She wished to keep the banner advertisement of her family, hand-painted it showed them balancing on each others backs and cart-wheeling through the air… sadly, she watched it be painted over in the image of half-woman half-man half-orc… Roscoe’s cheapest idea yet.

Marora Tumblebelly Of the Swords (aka Oolahana Cupshigh)

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